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waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...3507...
Wed Nov 3 21:08:46 EDT 2010

On 11/3/2010 10:54, Joel Esler wrote:
> This is for /rules/, remember.  Current version, and one back is the standard.
> We'll take a look at the life cycle, wording, and policy on the website to see
> if any modifications need to be made to clarify anything.
> We can't bring the 2.9.0 or improvements back to 2.8.x.  2.9.0 was a big
> rewrite of the stream model (and many other things) and bringing back the code
> to 2.8 would, as I said, be a monumental undertaking.  That's why 2.9 was released.

with the major changes that 2.9 brought, it really should have been 3.0... i 
never have understood the aversion to two digit minor, subminor and subsubminor 
numbering with snort... some stuff could easily have been X.2.15.3 or such... 
this numbering stuff is one of the things, as i see it, that is causing problems 
with supporting older versions and being able to backport some fixes... yes, i 
know... i've been there a few times myself and in the middle of such now but 
there are ways to handle it when necessary...

several of my projects are current stuck at with NO WAY to move forward 
due to the forced updates in certain sources that snort has gone... it bites 
huge uglies and many of my clients are extremely upset... you don't hear it but 
i sure do :( :( :(

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