[Snort-sigs] No need for content modifier 'within'

Joel Esler jesler at ...435...
Thu Jun 10 10:55:56 EDT 2010

Distance tells Snort how far to read into a packet to search for a pattern
Within makes sure that at most "x" amount of bytes are between pattern matches.

Within is relative, distance is not.

10:39 AM, on Jun 10, 2010, wrote:

> Hello.  Not trying to beat a dead horse here but I was reading
> http://blog.joelesler.net/2010/03/offset-depth-distance-and-within.html
> and came to a part where it said, "Offset goes with Depth, distance
> goes with within.  Don’t mix them."  I'm not sure I agree with this
> and I'm not much of an Blogger/Internet Exhibitionist so I'm posting
> this here.
> We all know, offset tells Snort how far into the payload (starting
> from the beginning of the payload) to start looking for a content
> match.  Distance tells Snort how far into the payload (starting from
> the previous content match) to start looking for a content match.
> Depth *and* within tell Snort where to stop looking based on where it
> started looking.  So you can have distance and use depth if you want
> and it is perfectly OK to do this.  Do not be afraid.  The only reason
> within exists is so if you have a situation where you don't use
> distance but want to make sure no more than N bytes are between
> content matches.  But within isn't really necessary. In fact, we could
> get rid of within in the case described and just add distance:0; and
> use depth.
> Hope this helps clarify a few things about the within content modifier.
> Cheers,
> -L0rd Ch0de1m0rt
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