[Snort-sigs] VRT Release 2010-02-23 uses "detection_filter"

evilghost at ...3397... evilghost at ...3397...
Wed Feb 24 10:26:19 EST 2010

While I truly enjoy surprises sometimes I'm disappointed when the gift 
isn't something I wanted.  In this case the gift was given to me by VRT 
and came in the form of "detection_filter".  As I eagerly unpacked the 
tar-gzip, giddy like the child on Christmas morning, my happiness turned 
to sadness.  Santa brought me some coal, have I really been that bad?  
It made my Snorts become very unhappy (evidently they don't like 
surprises like I do).  Sure I can sed these out but a little advance 
warning is nice.  Note, advance warning does not constitute "Snort 2.8.5 
is current, you should be running it" or the genetic catch-all warning 
currently in place.  Specific warnings such as "These VRT rules are 
using detection_filter" would be highly appreciated and would allow me 
react accordingly before I dropped a few depth-charges on my Snorts.



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