[Snort-sigs] Errors with the Snort manual

evilghost at ...3397... evilghost at ...3397...
Thu Feb 18 14:37:17 EST 2010


There was a discussion on ET about some errors in the Snort manual.  I 
cannot remember if I reported these or not.  The Snort 2.8.4 manual 
appears to be inaccurate or wrong in a few places, specifically:

Page #114, section 3.5.6, the REGEX used to explain figure 3.16 is 
Page #114, section 3.5.7, the "10 bytes past the ABCDE match" verbiage 
is incorrect, there is no "D" in figure 3.17 nor is the explanation of 
figure 3.17 correct.

I did not check 2.8.5 but I assume these may persist there as well.


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