[Snort-sigs] [Emerging-Sigs] [Snort-users] New Classification System Proposal

Randal T. Rioux randy at ...3530...
Thu Dec 23 17:36:53 EST 2010

On 12/23/2010 5:10 PM, Joel Esler wrote:
> Paul et all, I apologize if it seemed like I was being brief with my
> response, I wasn't "dictating" how it was going to be.
> By using hyphens and lowercase, all output modules from Snort,
> parsers, and GUIs won't have to change.  If we introduce even one of
> those, all of the previous will have to recode.
> It's a compatibility thing.  I wasn't being snarky or acting like a
> dictator, I was being brief, on my iPhone, and at the Doctor's
> office.
> Sorry if I offended anyone.

This would never be a problem if you stopped using that iCrap. Wait
until you get home. Enjoy your life a little.

Oh, and stop top posting! AAAGGGHHH!!

Happy Festivus!


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