[Snort-sigs] Snort.org has a new blog!

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Tue Dec 14 10:21:29 EST 2010

Snort.org finally has a blog!  With this new news/blog format we are going to use it to put out:

Tips and Tricks
Snort in the corporate world
Installation information
Problems that occur with Snort and how to overcome them
Current happenings in the Snort world (Snort events, Speaking engagements, etc)
Community news from other projects (Snorby, BASE, PulledPork, OpenFPC, etc)

Along with news about upcoming releases, blog posts about new features, and lots of other news about your favorite security tool. 

We have a good cross section of authors for the blog from different departments of the company so we'll keep the content coming from different approaches, all about Snort. 

Be sure and subscribe to the blog to stay current!


Joel Esler
Manager, OpenSource Community
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