[Snort-sigs] Attack from .jp IPs

Jamie Riden jamie.riden at ...2420...
Tue Dec 7 11:10:35 EST 2010

Weird. I'd love to know what site(s) you look after.

BTW, isorokyu.yamamoto.jp doesn't resolve for me - how are you getting
the rDNS?

"Isoroku Yamamoto (Japanese: 山本 五十六 Yamamoto Isoroku?) (4 April 1884 –
18 April 1943) was Naval Marshal General and the commander-in-chief of
the Combined Fleet during World War II ...
Yamamoto held several important posts in the Imperial Japanese Navy,
and undertook many of its changes and reorganizations, especially its
development of naval aviation. He was the commander-in-chief during
the decisive early years of the Pacific War and so was responsible for
major battles such as Pearl Harbor and Midway" --

On 7 December 2010 15:18, L0rd Ch0de1m0rt <l0rdch0de1m0rt at ...2420...> wrote:
> Hello, almost exactly at 7:41 AM this morning multiple servers in my
> enterprise are under attack by DDoS with TCP Zeroes-window size
> destined to port 1941 and 1207, the hosts appear to resolve PTR as
> hideki.tojo.jp, isoroku.yamamoto.jp, tomoyuki.yamashita.jp, and more.
> Is anyone else seeing this?
> Thanks.
> -L0rd C.
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