[Snort-sigs] I need some opinions

Joel Esler jesler at ...435...
Mon Dec 6 08:35:48 EST 2010

Hey Community, it's time for your opinions.

Many of us in the Snort community like the mailing lists, however,
there is another portion of the Snort community that don't.  Those
people are using the forums at http://forums.snort.org.

Since we started the forums, there has been a sharp decline in the
amount of posts to the mailing lists (what I consider to be the
knowledge base of Snort). As evidenced by the numbers here:

So, in an attempt to unify the community into one place, and stop the
fragmentation of the knowledge base, I've thought of a few solutions:

A) Kill the forums:  This method is basically a nuke of the forums.
The problem with this is many people prefer to use the forums as
opposed to the mailing list, however, a lot of the people that provide
answers and valuable insight into Snort and it's related tools don't
rely on the forums.
B) Kill the mailing lists:  This method, I think, is silly, and
shouldn't even be considered.
C) Unify the two:  This method involves making the forums and the
mailing lists one thing.  Where you post to the forum with your mail
client, or if someone answers online in the forum, the answer is
emailed to you.

Personally I would like to go to C.  This gets the entire community in
one place (unifying the mailing lists and the forums).  I thought
about how to do this on our own (custom code, etc) and I also thought
about Google Groups.


Google Groups is not only free, cloud hosted, but solves our problems
all at once, however, some people may have reservations about Google

So I'd like to use a poll to hear from you.  I want to hear your opinions.

Please go here and vote:

If you have another idea, please email me and let me know!  Thanks.

Joel Esler
OpenSource Community Manager

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