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What are you saying?  That using iThings leads to homosexual thoughts?

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> Hello Snort and Emerging Threats communities, this is off-topic so I
> apologize in advance.  I am in the midst of a graduate thesis paper hinged
> around the Information Security environment and the use of Apple products. 
> My undergraduate degree was in Computer Science where I minored in
> Information Security (I am one of you, at least to a small degree).  My
> graduate degree is in Psychology with a focus on how technology, particularly
> the security aspect of technology, affects what we do, say, and think.  As
> such, I'm reaching out to the Information Security community for some help in
> this paper.
> Simply put I am trying to gather evidence to support two observations as well
> as a behavioral idiosyncrasy between a niche facet of the Information
> Technology field and subsequent behavioral attributes.  If you would, please
> take the time to respond to these two questions which are not mutually
> dependent on each-other.
> 1) Do you use Apple products for your Information Security duties, either
> exclusively, or occasionally?
> 2) Have you, at any point in your professional career (professional, being
> the key word, please do not respond with the context being prior to obtaining
> an Information Security job) entertained thoughts of homosexual behavior?
> Feel free to respond to the list or to me directly.  Thanks very much in
> advance to all who respond and again, I'm sorry for this off topic post but a
> good sampling from the Information Security industry is necessary for my
> results to be valid.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Ferguson
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