[Snort-sigs] proper metadata use?

JJ Cummings cummingsj at ...2420...
Tue Apr 27 20:04:06 EDT 2010

Will, certainly a valid concern....

Currently pulledpork does not set rules automatically to a "drop"  
state... But rather alert only... The user must specify to pulledpork  
what rules that they want to set as drop, using the dropsid  
configuration option...


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On Apr 27, 2010, at 17:37, Will Metcalf <william.metcalf at ...2420...>  

> Is the metadata policy for all of these rules correct?  If people
> start using pulled-pork for policy drop stuff... or maybe I'm
> mis-understanding the meaning of this metadata tag.
> grep "security-ips drop" *.rules | grep "flowbits\:\s*noalert"
> Looks like it would end up in a lot of traffic that is being used for
> protocol decode.  It is generally a bad idea to mix drop and
> flowbits:noalert as valid traffic ends up getting dropped and the
> users have no idea why.  Just my 2 cents....
> Regards,
> Will
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