[Snort-sigs] how can we alert on web visiting activity?

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Thu Nov 19 13:49:20 EST 2009

rule 1000001 alerts on ICMP only
rule 1000002 alerts on TCP only
pings are ICMP and website access would be TCP not sure why your content
match for "ebay" is not working..

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	Hello there, we have a testing.rules file with the following 3

	alert icmp any any -> any any (msg:"$TESTING rule$";
	alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"test eBay rule";
flow:established; content:"ebay"; nocase; sid:1000002;rev:1;)

	we put the rule as generic as we can, of course ebay is just an
	ping any site produces the alert $TESTING rule$ on the dos
screen snort has been started.

	But using Internet Explorer to go to ebay, does not produce any

	Our question is, what part of a rule triggers web visiting



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