[Snort-sigs] Rules md5sum file name and contents

Zultan zultan at ...1298...
Fri May 29 05:06:54 EDT 2009

I'm not sure if this is a VRT team issue or a webmaster issue.

After the move to the new snort.org web-site, the rules md5sum file name changed, and its contents changed.

Before it was simple:

filename = snortrules-snapshot-2.8.tar.gz.md5
contents = cc34f4fc83c2edc0dac108f642f360f8 - a simple 33 byte string

But now, wget pulls a file named with my oinkcode appended to it.  Is there a really a good reason for this change?

Example:  snortrules-snapshot-2.8_s.tar.gz.md5?oink_code=<oinkcode>

Who wants a file name that extends over halfway across the screen, with ? and = in it as well?

And, the content of this monster is:  cat snortrules-snapshot-2.8_s.tar.gz.md5?oink_code*
MD5 (snortrules-snapshot-2.8_s.tar.gz) = cc34f4fc83c2edc0dac108f642f360f8

Why does anyone need to be told, "MD5 (snortrules-snapshot-2.8_s.tar.gz) ="?

What was broken with the previous md5sum files that required this change?


Now I'm going to whine......

This change broke my (and anyone else's) nifty md5sum-check script that allows us to NOT have to download those monster +90M rules tarballs everyday.

Yes, we all can re-write our rules management scripts to accommodate the change, but WTF?

Is there a good reason for this change??????

If so, then I'll feel a little better, change my script, and wait humbly for the next abrupt change that breaks something else.  grrr


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