[Snort-sigs] OISF Working Groups Kickoff

Matt Jonkman jonkman at ...829...
Tue Jul 28 10:18:57 EDT 2009

We've had a good number of people subscribe to each OISF working group
list (20-50 per working group at least!!). I think we have a volunteer
lead for each of them as well. I'll be contacting the volunteers shortly
with some instructions.

We'll kick off the discussions this afternoon in each working group. So
please get ready to brainstorm. If you have any interest in either
participating in or listening to the discussion of a list this is your
last call to subscribe and be involved!

You can find the working groups here:

Foundation Information here of course:

Lists starting with an OISF-WG- are of course what you're looking for.

Thanks all, and thanks for the community involvement here, we're on the
right track!!


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