[Snort-sigs] MSSQL False Neg

Bill Scherr IV bschnzl at ...3374...
Tue Dec 1 21:37:51 EST 2009


>From a # snort -c <file> -T 2>&1 | less
gen-id=1 _ sig-id=3543 _ type=Threshold _ tracking=src _ count=5 _ seconds=2

So the thresholding is set.  That seems a bit tight.  This guy passes one packet every 2.25 seconds. 
IMHO, that passes for a brute force attempt. Granted this service should not be subjected to one of 
these attacks, but 2 to 3 attempts per second is kind of heavy.

I shifted the threshold to 1800 seconds on my sensors.

Thanks for your very well explained effort.  


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> The rule seems to be correct, I'm thinking there is a thresholding
> issue somewhere.  Looking at it, it looks like it should alert if you
> see 5 packets in a 2 second period that match this rule.  If you want
> to check the non-thresholding portion of the rule, try the following
> local rule:

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