[Snort-sigs] DHS to Fund Open Source Next Generation IDS/IPS

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Thu Oct 16 10:42:20 EDT 2008

October 16, 2008 (LAFAYETTE, Ind.) – The Open Information Security
Foundation (OISF, www.openinfosecfoundation.org) is proud to announce
its formation, made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security (DHS). The OISF has been chartered and funded by DHS
to build a next-generation intrusion detection and prevention engine.
This project will consider every new and existing technology, concept
and idea to build a completely open source licensed engine. Development
will be funded by DHS, and the end product will be made available to any
user or organization.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for the security community. DHS has
recognized that many parallel technologies in the marketplace could
greatly enhance the overall security of government agencies and the
Internet as a whole. This grant will allow us to work as a community to
tie these technologies together.

Over the next six months, members of OISF will be leading brainstorming
sessions at key conferences and meetings as well as through mailing list
discussions. These sessions will function as open forums to bring up
ideas, ask questions and, most of all, let OISF know what YOU need for
YOUR network. Any idea, any technology – anything – will be considered
for integration. This project will solicit input, code and support from
all interested parties, academic groups, vendors and projects.

Any vendor, group, academic institution, government agency or individual
may be part of the consortium that will manage this project long-term.
Members may support development and maintenance with financial
donations, coding support, technology support, infrastructure, etc.
Members will be rewarded with licensing that will allow integration of
this engine into their products and services.

Initial project members are Matt Jonkman of Emerging Threats as Project
Manager (http://www.emergingthreats.net), Victor Julien
(http://www.inliniac.net) and Will Metcalf (http://node5.blogspot.com)
both of Snort_Inline (http://snort-inline.sourceforge.net) as Technical

If you have ideas to contribute please join our discussion mailing list:

or join oisf-announce to stay in touch:

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