[Snort-sigs] Thread hijack to annoy Nigel

CunningPike cunningpike at ...2420...
Tue Apr 15 12:09:19 EDT 2008

Top posting FTW! Why people want to scroll past all the stuff they 
already read is beyond me.

IMHO, the list config sucks - you have to hit 'Reply all' to get the 
reply to actually go to the list. Hitting 'Reply' sends the reply to the 
OP only - defeating the point of the list.


Nigel Houghton wrote:
> On  0, Matt Jonkman <jonkman at ...829...> wrote:
>> Also top posting to annoy Nigel.
> You all suck.
> You also all suck for hitting "reply all" to a mailing list, I'm on the
> damn list, I get the email when it hits the list. You're all going to
> make me get out the "mailing list etiquette" speech aren't you?
> All hail mutt, use the "hooks" Luke.

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