[Snort-sigs] Crusoe Researches offers first rule for subscription to CRrules !

Matthew Watchinski mwatchinski at ...435...
Fri Nov 9 15:27:17 EST 2007

Please stick to discussions of rules and rule related issues on this
list. The rule has always been no marketing, it applies to everyone
including Sourcefire"


rmkml wrote:
> Hi,
> Crusoe Researches offers first rule to detect OpenLDAP last vulnerability, 
> if you subscribe to Crusoe Researches daily Rules Services.
> For further information (details and price) contact me directly.
> Crusoe Researches, is a French company specialized on security.
> CR has discovered/added many information on snort.
> CR has published previously in the past many free rules:
>   - 17Oct2007 ORACLE TNS GIOP request size too large attempt
>   - 12Sep2007 WEB-MISC Apache P Filter xss attempt
>   - 14Aug2007 FINGER single digit list all accounts attempt
>   - 26Jun2007 SQL Ingres uuid_from_char() overflow attempt
>   - 01Jun2007 EXPLOIT RSVP Protocol zero length object DoS attempt
>   - 22May2007 WEB-IIS IISv5 bypass authentication with null.htw attempt
>   - 01May2007 WEB-CLIENT Apple QTJava toQTPointer() with param access
>   ...
> CR has created 2415 rules on snort format (works with fortinet products) 
> and updated more than 3000 rules.
> Greetings.
> Crusoe Researches
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