[Snort-sigs] CN=Marty Bostick/OU=IS/O=PLC is out of the office.

Jamie Riden jamie.riden at ...2420...
Sat Jun 23 02:27:25 EDT 2007

On 22/06/07, M. Shirk <shirkdog_list at ...12...> wrote:
> If people don't know where you are, it's a good thing. We should ban
> out-of-office messages, or just beat the piss out of the people that send
> them.

Yep; telling people your security person is away is a bad idea. We had
one attack on the evening before good Friday, just prior to a five day
break - you don't need to advertise extra absences.

(Sadly, out-of-office replies are mandatory in some workplaces. No joke.)

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