[Snort-sigs] These fields are very useful if a SOAP message is routed through intermediaries on its way to the ultimate destination.

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The queue is quite literally a queue of coffee cups lined up on top of the espresso machine. Likewise, we discovered that the object-oriented interaction model of instantiation and method invocation is too complex and chatty for network-based communication.
But we can be assured that once SOAs reach wide adoption all marketing departments are itching to define the next major trend.
I think the last truly "stateless" computer I can think of are analog computers, wired together from transistors and resistors.
A subscriber can then choose to subscribe to  topic. We built flexibility into the system by loosening the constraints on the system composition.
This type of testing is important to validate that the chosen composition of the individual elements performs the desired functions. But there remain two nagging thoughts. So it seems that SOAs solve all our problems.
For the state that matters, where is it held? One important part is still missing in this messaging layer: subscribers need to be notified when an event occurs.
Content-based Subscription.
Patterns to ComponentsThere is no doubt that implementing the patterns in my messaging toolkit required me to tighten up the "fuzziness" of the patterns. Ideally A should not be aware that there is a testing and production mode and that there are two different implementation of B.
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