[Snort-sigs] Dynamic DNS update attempt (new sig)

Jon Hart jhart at ...288...
Wed Nov 1 14:21:27 EST 2006

Is this more correct?

alert udp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $DNS_SERVERS 53 (msg:"DNS Dynamic update
attempt"; byte_test:2,&,10240,2; content:!"|00 00|"; offset:4; depth:2;
byte_test:2,^,1,0,relative; content:!"|00 00|"; distance:4; depth:2;
byte_test:2,^,1,0,relative; isdataat:22,relative; sid:11111111; rev:2;)

Same intention as before, except with bmc's suggestions.

pcap attached, test code at http://spoofed.org/files/dnsupdate


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