[Snort-sigs] Rule Set Completness

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Mon May 8 12:08:03 EDT 2006

Gentoo-Wally wrote:

> 1. Is the VRT set suppose to be a "complete" (for the lack of a better
> word. Maybe adequate would be better?) rule set capable of independent
> deployment. "Complete" meaning including rules for most known
> vulnerabilities/attacks or...

No.  Of the fuzzy "sorta" variety of no.   It's complete in the sense that
if it doesn't detect something and you're a paying customer of sourcefire,
you can complain and alter that situation.

> 2. Would a "complete" or "more complete" set include the combination
> of VRT+Community+BleedingEdge Snort. If so...


> 3. Would the combination of VRT+Community+BleedingEdge result in a lot
> of duplicate signatures?

Of course it would.  Yes.

see also: OSSRC Rules Overlap Committee.

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