[Snort-sigs] Basic question [] syntax question about excluding a subnet of a larger subnet...

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...189...
Thu Mar 16 12:51:02 EST 2006

Gentoo-Wally wrote:
> Question...
> What is the correct way to exclude a subnet from a larger network in a
> signature?

You have to define it as multiple subnet additions. You can't subtract out a
range that's already been added, because the behavior of a , is an "or"
operation, not an AND.

> var NET1 <>
> var NET2 <>
> var NET3 <>
> alert tcp [$NET1,!$NET2] ANY -> $NET3 ANY ...blah, blah, blah...
> Is that the right way to watch for something from NET1 but not in NET2

No. That won't work, you can't do subtraction.

[$NET1,!$NET2]  will match anything in NET1 *OR* anything not in NET2.

Since net2 is a subset of net1 this makes it a logical equivalent to "any". The
first clause will match all of net1, *including* the IPs in net2. The second
clause will match all of the rest of IP space. As long as either clause is
satisfied, it's a match.

And it has to work this way, unless the syntax changes to allow substantially
more complex expressions. If the existing , became an "AND" operation things
like [,] would not work correctly. That would suddenly
become a match of nothing, instead of a match of either of two IPs.

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