[Snort-sigs] Alert rules

FRANK SORNATALE sornatale at ...12...
Thu Mar 9 12:36:01 EST 2006

Was wondering if anyone can help me figure out these rules:  Please i really 
need the help from some experience users.

1. Create an alert from any incoming packets from source address, source port 80 to any machine on the internal network.

2. Create an alert for any incoming packet whose contents contain "tcpdump" 
(case sensitive).

3. Create an alert for any outgoing packets that list the CUPS protocol.

4. Create an alert for any packet that attempts to CREATE an ssh connection.

5. Create an alert for any packet whose contents contain the word "bard" 
(not case sensitive).

7. Create an alert for any packets from source and whose 
destination is, that contains the keyword "diffie".

8. Create an alert for any packets whose destination port (on the trusted, 
internal network) is 50146.

9. Create an alert for any outgoing packets whose source port is 42637 and 
whose contents contains the keyword "firefox" (case insensitive).

10. Create an alert for any packets that contain a source or destination IP 
address within the domain.

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