[Snort-sigs] OSSRC Rules Overlap Committee

Blake Hartstein bhartstein at ...274...
Tue Jan 31 17:20:02 EST 2006

Dear Current or Future Committee Members,
As a possible solution to this problem, I think it would be reasonable 
to allow a 'vendor' keyword in the sid keyword. Take the following as an 
FORMAT sid:vendor,value;


Of course the default options could still be allowed, but this would 
certainly solve the problems of allowing multiple people to 
independently manage their own sids.

Then once that is done, we would just need to create the 'Vendor Naming 
What do you think?


Jennifer Steffens wrote:

> The Open Source Snort Rules Consortium (OSSRC) is seeking several 
> qualified individuals to head up our first committee. This committee 
> will be chartered with defining a method to identify and either 
> prevent or help users understand the overlap and differences between 
> similar rules in the open source Snort rulesets.
> These individuals should have better than average understanding of Snort
> rules. The most likely candidates will be those that work in the
> industry and with Snort on a regular basis.
> We anticipate this role will take a number of hours commitment up front
> to define the process and method, but long term will likely not be a
> significant load.
> Please email ossrc at ...95... with questions or to be considered for 
> this committee.
> Cheers,
> Jennifer

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