[Snort-sigs] different log file for each preprocessor

Iacopo Masi iacopo.masi at ...2420...
Mon Jan 16 06:00:20 EST 2006

Hello everybody,
I'm developing a plugin for application that needs to parse 
snort-wireless (www.snort-wireless.org) log file. And then after the 
parsing I have to trasform that in xml. I know that is there an xml 
plugin for snort but I don't know if it save or not the output of 
snort-wireless preprocessor. however I woud know how says to 
preprocessor snort-wireless to save the ouput in different file.
For example in /etc/snort/snor.conf wireless version, there is the 
RougeAP preprocessor or the AuthFlooding preprocessor. It would be great 
if these save in /var/log/snort/alert.roug and 
/var/log/snort/alert.athfloof for example..How can I do to do this?
If someone have other ideas such xml plugin for snort-wireless are 

All the best
iacopo aka lizardking
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