[Snort-sigs] Snort Community Rules Update

Sourcefire VRT research at ...435...
Thu Feb 23 11:03:05 EST 2006

This message is to announce the availability of an update for the 
Sourcefire community rule set, which can be downloaded free of cost or 
registration from http://www.snort.org/pub-bin/downloads.cgi.

The new rule in this release is identified as SID 100000237. This rule 
detects attempts to bypass filtering proxies/content monitors via 
Google's translation service, specifically by finding cases where the 
"to" and "from" languages are the same.

The new rule and its SID follows.

Alex Kirk
Community Rules Maintainer
Sourcefire, Inc.

100000237 || COMMUNITY WEB-MISC Proxy Bypass Via Google Translation Same 
To And From Language

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