[Snort-sigs] Bleeding-Edge Scan NMAP -sA (2) Rule

Matt Jonkman mjonkman at ...2436...
Wed Feb 15 13:12:02 EST 2006

I'd take a look at how you're capturing data. I've seen falses when a
feed was either saturating the media, or was only showing traffic one

If possible I'd capture a chunk of traffic into a dumpfile, open that in
ethereal and see if you have full streams or fragments.


James Driskell - jdriskell wrote:
> Hello List,
> I'm seeing a ton of hits on the Bleeding-Edge Scan NMAP -sA (2) Rule,
> sid 2000540 coming from outside our network.  Almost all are coming from
> one source, but the source (a respectable organization (?)) claims that
> they are clean and that the hits are the result of our users browsing
> their web site.  Has anyone else experienced a significant number of
> false positives on this or any of the other Bleeding-Edge NMAP Scan
> rules?  Could returns from web sites trigger this rule?  We're not
> seeing very many other hits on this rule from any other sites.
> Thanks in advance for any information.
> Jim Driskell
> University of Puget Sound
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