[Snort-sigs] new rule for detect TRACE method on smc (solaris mgmt console)

rmkml rmkml at ...324...
Mon Oct 31 03:24:23 EST 2005


please check and add this new rule :

web-misc.rules:alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HTTP_SERVERS 898 
(msg:"WEB-MISC SMC TRACE access"; flow:to_server,established; 
content:"TRACE"; depth:5; )

This rule detect http TRACE method on tcp port 898 (solaris mgmt console)
"The Solaris Management Console (smc(1M)) is a graphical user interface 
that provides access to Solaris system administration tools which includes 
a web server that runs on port 898. This SMC web server enables the HTTP TRACE 
method by default which may allow a local or remote unprivileged user the ability 
to access sensitive information, such as cookies or authentication data, 
contained in the HTTP headers of an HTTP TRACE request."

Improve are welcome.


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