[Snort-sigs] Rebuilding snort server and sensors

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Item #1 - RH9 is obsolete.  You may not be able to harden the OS
sufficiently to do what you need to do safely.  

Item #2 - RH, unless you go to a lot of extra trouble, tends to install
a lot of things that really aren't ideal on any server, much less one
being used a security appliance.

Item #3 - The BSD's do a much better of job of only installing what's
necessary to bring the box up (i.e. kernel and necessary bits of the OS)


When I'm setting up a box to be used as a security appliance, I make
sure that I have the lasted versions of everything, unless they have
some known issue that makes them undesirable.  I also make sure that
anything I can build from source, I do so since I prefer to do custom
configs instead of pre-installed packages.  I also don't like having to
either go in and uninstall a bunch of crap or spend a lot of valuable
time configuring the OS installer in the first place.  When I first
bring a box up, the ONLY thing I want is a blinking command prompt.  I
really don't care about a GUI, games, web server, etc.  If I want them,
I will install them.  The FIRST rule of security is that if it's not
installed, it's not a problem.


Just my 2 cents....




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1. Linux - if you want to use the libpcap that employs a shared mem ring
buffer (http://public.lanl.gov/cpw/)..
2. FreeBSD - with device_polling configured can help speed up packet
capturing in addition to speed and stability...
3. OpenBSD - lean with many security features, including the new heap
protection and other defense against ICMP based attacks available on
release 3.8....the de facto for security appliances in my opinon.

I use and prefer the BSDs over Linux any day...



On 10/24/05, Michael Mulholland <Michael.Mulholland at ...3172...> wrote:


i'm intent on rebuilding our existing snort setup from RH9 and was
wondering what platform you'd recommend


michael mulholland

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