[Snort-sigs] Check Point Software Technologies to Acquire Sourcefire

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Thu Oct 6 19:33:19 EDT 2005

Thanks for the clearing that up, again ;). One more question. Are there
any plans to change the requirements for registration i.e. pay money or
will registration still be free.

Jennifer Steffens wrote:
> That is a great question and I am glad you asked. Rules will continue to
> be distributed in the same fashion as before. To clarify, since there
> still seems to be confusion, there are two types of rules available on
> snort.org - VRT Certified and Community. VRT Certified rules are
> distributed as follows:
> * Subscribers receive rulesets in real-time as they are released
> * Registered users receive rulesets after a 5 day delay
> * Unregistered users receive access to the latest ruleset at the time of
> each Snort point release (2.4, 2.5, etc).
> These rules are always distributed under the VRT Certified Rules
> License, regardless of the timing of the release. The Community ruleset
> is distributed under the GPL and is freely available to all users.
> Hope this clears things up.
> Cheers,
> Jennifer
> Eric J. Bowser wrote:
>> What does this mean for rules?
>> Will a GPL'd rulebase still be available with each point release of the
>> snort engine?
>> ~Eric
>> On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 07:32 -0400, Jennifer Steffens wrote:
>>>Hi Everyone,
>>>We are very excited to announce that Check Point has signed an agreement
>>>to acquire Sourcefire. We understand that this announcement affects not
>>>only Sourcefire but the community as well. We want to be sure to put
>>>everyone's mind at ease that Snort is now and will continue to be free
>>>to end-users.  We will continue to develop and distribute the Snort
>>>engine under the GPL, improve and document the program to stay on the
>>>cutting edge and expand the snort.org web site.  The community
>>>continues, as always, to be important to us as a group of people who use
>>>the code pervasively throughout the entire Internet, report on problems
>>>and make suggestions and contributions to the project.  Check Point is
>>>very excited about continuing Sourcefire’s involvement with the open
>>>source community!
>>>Read a message from Marty Roesch, Snort creator, to the community at
>>>Jennifer Steffens
>>>Director, Product Management - Snort
>>>Sourcefire, Inc
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