[Snort-sigs] Check Point Software Technologies to Acquire Sourcefire

Jennifer Steffens jennifer.steffens at ...435...
Thu Oct 6 18:09:13 EDT 2005

That is a great question and I am glad you asked. Rules will continue to 
be distributed in the same fashion as before. To clarify, since there 
still seems to be confusion, there are two types of rules available on 
snort.org - VRT Certified and Community. VRT Certified rules are 
distributed as follows:
* Subscribers receive rulesets in real-time as they are released
* Registered users receive rulesets after a 5 day delay
* Unregistered users receive access to the latest ruleset at the time of 
each Snort point release (2.4, 2.5, etc).

These rules are always distributed under the VRT Certified Rules 
License, regardless of the timing of the release. The Community ruleset 
is distributed under the GPL and is freely available to all users.

Hope this clears things up.


Eric J. Bowser wrote:
> What does this mean for rules?
> Will a GPL'd rulebase still be available with each point release of the
> snort engine?
> ~Eric
> On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 07:32 -0400, Jennifer Steffens wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>We are very excited to announce that Check Point has signed an agreement 
>>to acquire Sourcefire. We understand that this announcement affects not 
>>only Sourcefire but the community as well. We want to be sure to put 
>>everyone's mind at ease that Snort is now and will continue to be free 
>>to end-users.  We will continue to develop and distribute the Snort 
>>engine under the GPL, improve and document the program to stay on the 
>>cutting edge and expand the snort.org web site.  The community 
>>continues, as always, to be important to us as a group of people who use 
>>the code pervasively throughout the entire Internet, report on problems 
>>and make suggestions and contributions to the project.  Check Point is 
>>very excited about continuing Sourcefire’s involvement with the open 
>>source community!
>>Read a message from Marty Roesch, Snort creator, to the community at 
>>Jennifer Steffens
>>Director, Product Management - Snort
>>Sourcefire, Inc
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