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Simon Biles simon.biles at ...2420...
Sat Mar 5 00:26:32 EST 2005

Dear Demarc,

Thanks very much for the offer of being involved with your renewed
interest in the SPADE project. Despite my inital response of being
interested in being involved, further thought on the matter and
discussion with friends and colleauges has led me to realise that I
really do have a choice, and I have decided to excercise that choice
and continue with the branch of SNORT that has allready been
established on BleedingSnort.

I and others have for the last year and more been using and modifying
SPADE without Demarc, and are happy with the direction that we are
going with it. I don't feel that at this point it is in the best
interests of the project to cease development in favour of yet another

We are allways interested in taking on contributors and you are more
than welcome to contribute to the project any code or ideas that you
might wish to see included in future versions of SPADE.

Kind Regards,

Simon Biles

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From: "Joel Ebrahimi" <jebrahimi-at-demarc.com>
To: <si-at-computersecurityonline.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 11:31:12 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SPADE project
Hi Simon,

I'm writing on behalf of Demarc's Open Source Development Team. As you know,
Silicon Defense transferred their rights in the SPADE project to our company
when they dissolved.  Unfortunately at that time Demarc did not have a team to
dedicate to maintaining the project.  Users have asked us if we would
spearhead some more work on it though and we have started building out a team
to do just that.   We just launched a new web site for our community projects
such as SPADE and our new Certified Open Signatures program.  You can check it
out at http://snort.demarc.com/

I have been asked to contact everyone that has made significant contributions
to the SPADE project to see if you are still actively developing code for
SPADE and, if not, to see if you'd like to become active again!  While we have
company sponsorship now and dedicated resources, there's no way we can do it
without help from people like you.

Please let me know if you'd like to be a part of it.


Joel Ebrahimi
Demarc Security, Inc.

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Simon Biles
CISSP, OPSA, BS7799 Lead Auditor, MBCS

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