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What I find strange about this though is I have 6 sensors I applied the
same updates too and only 2 of them had this error.
I guess I not running as consistant rule set as I thought.
Same solution though, I increased the flow bit size to 64 and it worked
fine on both of them giving me the error. 

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I got hit as well. A little discussion on irc we figured out there's a 
256 unique flowbits max in snort. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but 
that's apparently 256 different set statements. Dupes don't count, and 
checks don't count.

So get the sets under 256 and you'll be able to start snort. I had to 
drop a lot of netbios rules myself, but ones I'm not interested in

A question for the snort folks, is this threshold for performance or 
memory consumption, or both? And will we have to look at upping that for

future releases as flowbits is more used? Or are we abusing flowbits?



Zultan wrote:
> Yesterday all was well. Running Version 2.3.0 (Build 10)
> After applying the latest rule update with oinkmaster, I got this
flowbits error when testing with  ]#snort -Toc /etc/snort/snort.conf
> ERROR: FLOWBITS ERROR: The number of flowbit IDs in the current
ruleset exceed the maximum number of IDs that are allowed.
> Is there a workaround or a config setting I don't know about?

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