[Snort-sigs] First Meeting of the Open Source Snort Rules Consortium (OSSRC)

Jennifer Steffens jennifer.steffens at ...435...
Thu Jun 30 20:52:57 EDT 2005

Sorry guys...not fully back to reality yet. The meeting is Thursday, 
July 7th not 6th.

Jennifer Steffens wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> After much preparation (ok ok so I have been on the road a ton and am 
> just now getting back to reality) we are finally kicking off the Open 
> Source Snort Rules Consortium (OSSRC). As a reminder, the goals of 
> this group are to:
> * Establish metrics and standards for Open Source Snort rule 
> development and documentation
> * Provide a forum for the sharing of research and information for the 
> development of effective Snort Rules
> * Ensure continuous support for a Snort Ruleset licensed under the GPL.
> The first meeting will be held on Thursday, July 6th at 12:00pm EDT on 
> IRC, freenode.net in the #ossrc room. Agenda items will include:
> * An overview of how the OSSRC will run
> * Nominations for officers
> * Discussion of SID allocation for the various rulesets
> * Discussion of sharing rulesets on the various web sites
> All are welcome to attend. If your organization is interested in being 
> formally represented in the OSSRC, please contact me directly.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer

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