[Snort-sigs] snortcenter2 and updates of bleeding snort rulesets

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Thu Jan 13 07:02:17 EST 2005

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As of now, Bleeding doesnt work with SC2...

The file format of bleeding is diff slightly than Std. (When it comes to
parsing and catagorizing the rules in SC2). I know jason emailed the
guys at bleeding, but i'm not sure if he got a response yet... Waiting
on what they have to say before re-coding part of SC2 to work with bleeding.

a work around for right now:

2 ways:
	1. Copy paste the rule in with the following line at the top:
		 $Id: bleeding-file.rules
	2. extract all the rulefiles to a local folder, add that line to
	   the top of each file and upload them.

Jason, you heard back from matt yet?

Brandon Rodak wrote:
| Hello all:
| I have just completed a basic integration of the patched Snortcenter2
| and base (an ACID fork) to work with Snort 2.3.0RC1. I have the current
| snort rulesets managed through the "Update from Internet" feature (as
| well as cron.)
| My question is: Has anyone been able to add the ability to grab the
| latest, greatest Bleeding Snort rules to import into the Snortcenter2
| generated snort.conf?
| Is oinkmaster a possibility, and if so how does it work with the custom
| generated snort.conf of snortcenter2?
| Thanks for any and all help -
| Brandon
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