[Snort-sigs] Bleeding rules virus and threshold issue

Matt Jonkman matt at ...2436...
Mon Feb 21 07:28:26 EST 2005

Do you have the ruleset mentioned twice in your snort.conf?

Snort will load it twice if you do.

If that's not the case please send a snippet of the non-sensitive 
portions of your snort.conf and we can get you fixed up.


James Lay wrote:
> Hrmm
> I thought the same thing so I grepped 2001578 in /etc/snort and
> /etc/snort/rules:
> [07:58:07 jlay at ...2996...:/etc/snort$] grep 2001578 *
> sid-msg.map:2001578 || BLEEDING-EDGE Sober.I Worm outbound detected
> [07:58:17 jlay at ...2996...:/etc/snort$] cd rules
> [07:58:26 jlay at ...2996...:/etc/snort/rules$] grep 2001578 *
> bleeding-virus.rules:#alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET 25
> (msg:"BLEEDING-EDGE Sober *nuked the rest so I don't set off the rule* ;)
> Any other thoughts?
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> This isn't unusual, you can only have one threshold entry per sid. I'd 
> guess you're loading the sigs twice for some reason? Maybe for dual http 
> ports or smtp ports variables or something?
> At any rate, if you remove the duplicate signatures this'll go away. if 
> you need to run with several variables I'd recommend a second instance 
> of snort with a a pcap expression limiting to just that port, and 
> running just the rules relevant. Lots more efficient I think.
> Matt
> James Lay wrote:
>>Hey folks!
>>Just upgraded to 2.3.0 and here's what I get with 
>>Feb 19 08:22:43 ns1 snort: FATAL ERROR: Rule-Threshold-Parse: could not
>>create a threshold object -- only one per sid, sid = 2001578
>>Feb 19 08:24:19 ns1 snort: FATAL ERROR: Rule-Threshold-Parse: could not
>>create a threshold object -- only one per sid, sid = 2001573
>>after nuking all entries in bleeding-virus.rules with "threshold: type
>>limit" in them snort would fire up.  Any thoughts on this?
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