[Snort-sigs] OT: cleanup in Bleeding edge rules

Frank Knobbe frank at ...1978...
Sun Feb 13 15:03:28 EST 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 10:02 +1300, Jason Haar wrote:
> Can the rules be tidied up a bit? Currently if you do:

Even more??? sheesh... we've been tiding up a lot already lately...  ;)

> egrep -v 'msg:"BLEEDING-EDGE |msg: "BLEEDING-EDGE ' 
> ~/bleeding-all.rules|grep ^al
> there are 5 that don't match - one BLEEDING_EDGE and the rest don't have 
> BLEED* at all.

BLEEDING-EDGE should be standard. Looks like some of the new rules
didn't get added properly. I'll fix it asap.

Thanks for the note.


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