[Snort-sigs] gen_id in suppress and threshold rules

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Fri May 28 05:09:05 EDT 2004

Check out gen-msg.map, part of a rule distribution.

Gary Portnoy

Russell Fulton <r.fulton at ...575...>
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05/27/2004 10:08 PM

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        Subject:        [Snort-sigs] gen_id in suppress and threshold rules

Hi All,
                 After a small slammer outbreak that left several hundred 
alters in the database (it was only on the net for about 15 minutes)
I've decided that it is time I came to grips with thresholds.

The good book tells me I need both sig_id (no problems) and gen_id. 
I've looked high and low for a definition of gen_id (I found it stands
for generator_id but that does not really help).  All examples I have
found have gen_id as 1 and using this seems to work fine. 

But I'm curious, and I don't like mysteries :)

Anyone care to shed some light or point to a reference.

Cheers and thanks, Russell.

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