[Snort-sigs] Questions about sid: 721

Steven Bairstow sab139 at ...715...
Tue May 25 12:33:03 EDT 2004

I've been looking at the "VIRUS OUTBOUND bad file attachment" signature (sid:721) and trying to figure out how to split it in to two pieces.  My hope is to have a "suspicious" group (dot, hlp, ini, ...) and a "nasty" group (com, exe, scr, bat, ...) but I have two questions about it.

1 - What is the meaning of the "(?=[abcdehijlmnoprsvwx])" section of the PCRE?  Is it supposed to be a list of all the used characters or just of the first characters in the matched extensions?

2 - The web site says that filename="encrypted.asc" triggers a false positive.  How is that matching?


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