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Sounds like snort isn't actually putting anything in the database. OR you
have to manually import info into the alert cache (click on 'cache and
status' on the homepage, then see if there's any events in the Alert
Information Cache 'Total Events' window)

ACID auto adds any new alerts with every pageload unless you turn that
feature off (which you want to do if you have any large number of events)

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Dear Sir/Madam,
i have installed and configured snort in redhat linux 9.0 and all the 
services are running fine (mysql.snort,httpd). the thing is when i open 
acid in web browser i am get the page with everything zero (example:- 
tcp=0, udp=0 source=0, destination=0) like that i am getting. so i think 
something went wrong on snort rules. can u please help me and guide me 
in running the snort.
thanks in advance.
Thanks and Regards,

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