[Snort-sigs] Re: W32.Beagle.J Worm Signature?

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I'm also filtering on keywords in the meantime, but you're right on about
the subjects possibly changing. The other reason to have a real signature
is because of the scenario where a user might have gotten the attachment
and copied it across the network, or even launched the contents.


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I hope I'm not doing this wrong -- this is the first time
I've posted here and I get the list in digest mode.

I don't have a snort signature to offer per se, but fwiw,
Beagle.J and Beagle.K seem to use the same 7 possible subject
lines.  We've been successfully filtering on those.  Obviously
not a long-term fix since the worm writers will probably change
this, but for now it works.  See, e.g., the Symantec writeup for
a list of the seven subject lines:


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