[Snort-sigs] Portscans.... How to?

Pedro Jorge Barradas pedro.barradas at ...2571...
Tue Jun 22 07:31:23 EDT 2004


I've been doing some tests with the snort's Portscan options, but there
seems to be some problem.
I don't seem to get any alarms pertaining to scans.

I've done some NMAP scans (from outside machines), simple ones like
"nmap -sS xx.xx.xx.xx -P0", and the only thing I get is :

-SCAN Proxy Port 8080 attempt
-SNMP AgentX/tcp request
-SCAN Squid Proxy attempt

Shouldn't there be some other alerts popping up? 

These are the configs I've tryed:

The first try was this:

	preprocessor flow: stats_interval 0 hash 2
	preprocessor flow-portscan: \
	server-watchnet $HOME_NET \
	unique-memcap 5000000 unique-rows 50000 \
	server-rows 65535 \
	server-learning-time 3600 \
	server-scanner-limit 50 \
	scoreboard-rows-scanner 30000 \
	alert-mode once \
	output-mode msg \
	tcp-penalties on

Nothing came back...

Then I've tryed this:

	preprocessor stream4:  detect_scans, disable_evasion_alerts

And nothing....

Also this:

	preprocessor conversation: timeout 300

	preprocessor portscan2: target_limit 5, port_limit 15, timeout

And nothing again....

Can anyone help me?


Pedro Jorge B. Barradas
Email : pedro.barradas at ...2571... 
Ext: 117206, Directo: 217 612 206
Av. Miguel Bombarda, 4 - piso 3
1049-058 LISBOA
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