[Snort-sigs] Windows RPC Interface access detect signature set (win-rpc.rules)

kawa kawakawa at ...2530...
Tue Jun 1 21:36:03 EDT 2004

Hi, all.

I made "Windows RPC Interface access detect signature set" with Urity.
http://kawa.smokerz.net/d/file/win-rpc.rules  (v 1.0 2004/06/02)
http://kawa.smokerz.net/d/?200405c&to=200405293#200405293 (Japanese)

- It can detect Windows RPC Inferface access.
- It can detect 43 RPC Interfaces.
- It has 258 (43x6) signatures.
- It can't detect particular attacks.
- If unknown worms are released , it may detect.
- Some signatures may overlap with snort signatures.

If anyone knows other major RPC Interface ID, plz tell me.


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