[Snort-sigs] Sid 1328 and 1329

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Tue Jul 27 06:12:09 EDT 2004

I know they are two different rules.  What I was pointing out is that
the Messages should be swapped.  The one looking for /bin/ps should be
msg:"WEB-ATTACKS /bin/ps command attempt, and the one looking for ps%20
should be msg:"WEB-ATTACKS ps command attempt".

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Hi Josh,

Well those are two different signatures by iteself.
/bin/ps looks for the /bin/ps command. Whereas ps could also be called
directly in some cases. Hence ps%20 which effectively means the ps
command followed by a space. So if we were checking ps with arguments
like -a -x etc the latter sig will pick it up.


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Why is 1328 listed as: "WEB-ATTACKS ps command attempt", but then
uricontent is set to: "/bin/ps"

And then 1329 is listed as: "WEB-ATTACKS /bin/ps command attempt", but
then uricontent is set to: "ps%20"

This seems backwards to me.
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