[Snort-sigs] mydoom.f sig

Chintan Gosalia chintan_cmpe at ...144...
Wed Feb 25 14:31:13 EST 2004

If you have any idea what specific ports to look for contents, it may help more in reducing false positives. So the content u r looking for is part of the attachment the worm carries( i mean the worm's executable's payload or anything else) or sth. else. The answer to this question may help making this signature more concrete.
Any other feedback is also appreciated.

Danny Espinoza <DEspinoza at ...2273...> wrote:
here is the sig I have been using on my network for mydoom.f ... it
seems to be working with no false positives please message me with any
recomendations or false positives

alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"Virus - MyDoom.F
Worm";content:"gICAgICAgICAgICAgICAgICAg";content:"|57 69 6E 64 6F 77 73
2D 31 32 35 32|";classtype:misc-attack; rev:1;)

- Danny

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