[Snort-sigs] flowbits error

Judy Novak judy.novak at ...435...
Tue Dec 28 11:46:02 EST 2004


Looks like flowbits got support in the 2.1.1 release.  Your rules are 
more current than your
Snort verion.  There have been many subsequent releases since then with 
new functionality
so I would recommend the most current release if you decide to upgrade.

Judy Novak

Charles Heselton wrote:

>This might be a better question for the snort-users list, but I
>thought I would start here.  I'm running snort v2.1.0 on an
>Ultra60/Solaris 8 system.  Anytime I run a rule that has the flowbits
>keyword it errors out.  I've seen this problem for a while at home on
>a Fedora system.  Was the "flowbits" keyword introduced before it was
>really supported?  Do I need to upgrade?  Is there a compile-time
>option that I missed?  Any advice would be a help.  TIA.

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