[Snort-sigs] First attempt at writing a sig

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Fri Dec 17 13:04:01 EST 2004

I want to thank everyone that responded to this thread your insight and
suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Looks good now. I'll post this to bleedings snort and we'll see what 
other feedback comes of it.


Lance Boon wrote:

>Thanks for pointing that out here's the updated rule
>alert udp any any -> any any (msg:"Netop Remote Control Usage";
>content:"|554b30303736305337473130|"; reference:url,www.netop.com;
>classtype:policy-violation; sid:2000000; rev:2;)
>This caught my traffic going to my remote subnets. I tried increasing
>the revision # as well but to no avail so I changed the sid to 2000001
>alert udp any any -> any any (msg:"Netop Remote Control Usage";
>content:"|554b30303736305337473130|"; reference:url,www.netop.com;
>classtype:policy-violation; sid:2000001; rev:1;)
>Now it's showing up in Acid correctly
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>Not a bad run for a first sig. Thanks for posting it.
>Why did you go home-home net? Why not home-any? Or even any-any? I'm
>that familiar with the tool, but I'd think the most interesting traffic

>would be someone from the outside connecting to a local box.
>As far as why it doesn't show right in acid, not sure. It is crafted 
>correctly. Try increasing the rev number and hitting it again. I wonder

>if maybe the first time you had a hit the msg was empty, in which case 
>it won't take the new msg until the rev # increases.
>I'll put this up on bleeding snort for more testing after we sort out 
>the reasons for the home-home.

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