[Snort-sigs] we need support

James Riden j.riden at ...1766...
Mon Dec 13 11:24:01 EST 2004

SHAFFIE <amshaffie at ...144...> writes:

>    hi
>    we are  students in computer science and engineering  department in
>    Egypt, Alexandria university . we are working on graduation project
>    about intrusion detection system . we are interested in downloading
>    and modifying the source code of snort which is supposed to be
>    available at www.snort.org but we are having problems in downloading
>    source code cause it is not encapsolated in simple zip file so we hope
>    that you can help us and send us a file zipped contain all the source
>    code of snort (for windows) and we will  appreciate that from you, we
>    are wondering if there is documentation available as well

http://www.winsnort.org/ has binaries for Windows, but I can't see any
source code there. I'm a confirmed UNIX weenie though, so I won't be
able to help with Windows-related issues.

Documentation for snort is at http://www.snort.org/docs/

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