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First of all, do the entire list a favor and please remove any and all 
smileys, cartoons, and/or other HTML from your e-mail when posting to a 
network security related list. HTML e-mail is one of the more common 
ways for exploits to spread these days, and as such most people with a 
security-oriented mindset turn it off in their mail. That, and it's just 
unprofessional to come asking for help with a graduate project with an 
e-mail full of cartoons.

As to your actual request: I'm surprised that, as graduate computer 
students, you've never seen a .tar.gz file before. Hopefully you have 
access to a UNIX/Linux/BSD system somewhere there at Alexandria 
university, so that you can become familiar with these files if you're 
not already. Of course, even if you don't have access to a single *NIX 
system there, Winzip will open this type of archive without any extra 
work; it automatically recognizes it and handles it as it would a .zip 
file. You'll note that the source code for the Windows port is available 
as part of the main Snort source download.

Documentation is included both in the .tar.gz file you'll need to 
download, as well as on www.snort.org. There's a big "Documentation" 
link on the left-hand side of the main page, in case you missed it.

Best of luck with your project...you're going to need it working with 
Snort if you're coming to Snort-Sigs (which is a list about detection 
signatures for Snort, not how to use it, install it, etc.) with these 
sorts of questions.

Alex Kirk

> hi
> we are  students in computer science and engineering  department in 
> Egypt, Alexandria university . we are working on graduation project 
> about intrusion detection system . we are interested in downloading 
> and modifying the source code of snort which is supposed to be 
> available at www.snort.org <http://www.snort.org> but we are having 
> problems in downloading source code cause it is not encapsolated in 
> simple zip file so we hope that you can help us and send us a file 
> zipped contain all the source code of snort (for windows) and we will  
> appreciate that from you, we are wondering if there is documentation 
> available as well
> we are looking forward to your relpy (we hope it comes quickly)
> best regard.  
> IDS team
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