[Snort-sigs] Microsoft IFrame vulnerability

Matt Jonkman matt at ...2436...
Thu Dec 2 06:02:02 EST 2004

I made an attempt at it, there's a rule up here:

content:"\/IFRAME"; nocase; flow:from_server,established; sid:2001401; 

The one detected the exploit that was originally released, but the 
variations have been significant.

The paper you noted we helped feed data to from other bleeding snort 
sigs. The authors there did a lot of great work which let us put up 
about 80 new spyware sigs from that investigation. About all we learned 
about the iframe vuln through that was that the sigs we had weren't 
working. There were versions that were encoded, versions with just small 
portions encoded, and versions being delivered in zip files to be opened 
locally, etc. It seemed rather useless to try to work on that sig more 
while we were finding that many new spyware packages to detect.

Interestingly, this sig from Joseph detects the original exploit as 
well. It had no better luck with getting any variants either though.

IFRAME ExecCommand vulnerability"; content:"<IFRAME"; nocase; 
classtype:misc-activity; flow:from_server,established; sid:2001095; rev:2;)

Brian had mentioned privately he was working on a sig for release, but I 
haven't noticed it yet. You still have something in the works Brian?


Chris Mills wrote:
> Hi all-
> Yesterday, microsoft released the patch for the IFrame exploit, but
> I'm looking for a good signature to detect it still. Given the
> randomness of the way they are doing this exploit, it seems the only
> common string in these http documents to look for is "iframe." Please
> lend some advice for signatures for this that will reduce false
> positives. A good source of info on this is at
> http://www.vitalsecurity.org/xpire-splitinfinity-serverhack_malwareinstall-condensed.pdf
> Thanks,
> Chris
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